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At Fayette Early Learning Academy, we are a developmentally focused daycare center that offers high-quality education and childcare for infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children located in Peachtree City near the Peachtree Dive Shop. Our specialized early childhood curriculum and Georgia's Pre-K program will help your children get a head start in their educational careers. The  after-school program for children up to twelve (12) years of age, picks your child up from their nearby Fayetteville and Peachtree City schools, where they are provided with a healthy afternoon snack and help with their homework. This program will convert to a full-day program whenever public schools are closed.


Our team is dedicated to improving the development of each child under our care, regardless of age group or learning ability. We use a high-quality, comprehensive learning program focused on each child’s physical, cognitive, and social/emotional needs at a pace that is appropriate his or her personal development—giving them the chance they need to succeed in school and in life.


At Fayette Early Learning Academy, we happily welcome children of all learning abilities!

Watch a video detailing our in-daycare camera system!




Our comprehensive learning programs give your children an early start to their educational career. At Fayette Early Learning Academy our program includes:


Social/Emotional Development:  Discovery of independence, success, self-concept/self-control, cooperation and social relationships.


Cognitive/Intellectual:  Increased abilities to comprehend and use new vocabulary, print awareness, numbers, mathematical operations, and cause-effect relationships.


Creative/Aesthetic:  Art and music appreciation, participation in dramatic play, increased creativity and imagination.


Physical Development:  Demonstrates understanding of healthy habits and good nutrition, increase in large and small-motor development.


Language Development:  Increased ability to discriminate/identify sounds, progress in associating names and sounds of letters, ability to retell stories, growing interest in books, progress in listening and understanding for non-English speaking-children.


Fayette Early Learning Academy is dedicated to providing children with a stronger start for a better finish!


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